Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stickin' around

My lack of posts does not mean I have fallen off the wagon. On the contrary, everything is really falling into place. This week I have even started to get some exercise. Nothing too strenuous, but three days in a row I have gotten in a 30 minute walk on my lunch hour. My eating has been good. I haven’t been doing the diet doc program. I have just been sticking to the WW points. Getting back on track was my priority and when I would think of following Diet Doc, I would feel much too restricted and I thought it was better to just get my intake under control and then morph back into the Diet Doc program later.

I find that my mood has improved and the time that I was spending on the road commuting to work, I am now spending training dogs and actually cleaning my house. The dogs all love getting their individual time with me working on their programs. Ruby is working on her 2nd obedience title which is called the “Open” or “CDX” title. Cruise and Morgan haven’t done any obedience so they are training for their “Novice” or “CD” title. It’s nice for all of us to have purpose again. In later posts I’ll bore you with all our training foibles.

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