Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day

Well today was my first day on the new job. My new boss Joyce, brought me three beautiful roses which I thought was amazingly thoughtful. Unfortunately, she also brought two dozen donuts with her! I guess they put out the food bait and send a mass email out to all employees that there is a newbie in the building. I met a lot of new people today, very few of whom I will remember names of for a while. Everyone seems so friendly.
My mom sent me flowers as well along with a gift card for Biggby’s. We went for the first of many lunches at the local cafĂ©. She couldn’t stop grinning. It was also nice that I bumped into old coworkers and friends there too. It feels nice to be home.

There are landmines in the new office. Just behind my desk, right next to the cold water, is an enormous dish with candy in it. I’m not talking the cheap stuff that nobody wants like Werthers originals, or tootsie rolls…….. I’m talking Snickers and Three Musketeers fun size bars! AAAAAKKKKKKK! I will be bringing in a big dish of fruit to counter act all that nasty sugar. My eating was right on track. I wasn't able to space out my feedings exactly, but I packed all my food and my totals for the day are right in line with where I am supposed to be. Whew, another clean day.

I think the most difficult part of this job is going to be my lack of autonomy and freedom. I am used to goofing off when I feel like it, taking lunch when I feel like it and being on the internet all day. Not going to happen here. My morning break is scheduled at 10am (which is good, I can get a feeding in) and lunch is from 12:30 to 1:30. My computer monitor faces the boss’ office so no more blogging from work. I asked if I could check my email at the tail end of my lunch and she said I could but to not make a habit of it as if the public comes to the window and I am sitting at my desk not helping them, they don’t know I’m on my lunch and may feel that I am misusing tax payer dollars. She also hates the distraction of music (another girl in the office told me that). That I can live without.

Tonight I had to work late as my main job is to be at the Board of Commission meetings and those are held in the evenings. You would think that would be seriously boring but it really wasn’t. It was so interesting to see these commissioners seriously look at ways to save the county money. I learned more about my county government than I ever knew existed to know! Of course one of the commissioners is an old friend so he gave me a great welcome and praised my new boss on her great choice in the new staff which I thought was so sweet of him.

So first day went really well. I’m so glad to get up late and stay up late at night (look at me.... up past 9pm tonight!). I’m sure I’ll get used to the lack of freedom and also finagle a way to get more computer freedom (like rearranging my desk so the boss can’t see my monitor).

I did get a really nice note from the owner of my former company which brought tears to my eyes. Despite having a great first day I really missed my old coworkers (yep tearing up right now.... Tracey).

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Lovebug6100 said...

Congratulations on your new job and I'm glad the transition is going smoothly....I'm sure you'll be able to remain good friends with the important people from your other job!! Enjoy the transition!