Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm back Baby!

Down 2.2 pounds today. Only need to lose another 1.4 to get back down to my lowest. I am very pleased. I really didn't get back on track until Tuesday of this week. I feel like I am back in control of my emotional eating.

This week went much better for me. I think I am finally hitting my stride at the new job (I've stopped being so homesick for my old job) and understanding how the new boss likes things. Fortunately, she is very clear about how she likes her office to run. Once, I understand the rules and what to do, I will feel much more comfortable.

Today it is dreary and raining so I am baking dog treats all day. Ruby and I are going to start training tomorrow for her next obedience title so I need some good reinforcement treats for her. I like to make all my own dog treats. I do it because it is cheaper and this way I know what ingredients are in them.