Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Internet withdrawl

OMG! It is so tough not being able to check in on all my favorite blogs each day at work. I'm actually having to use my free time at home to write this! Oh the insanity of being expected to be productive at work!
I have been successful at resisting the stupid candy bowl. I even brought in a bag of apples and put them beside it. Eating has been good, although not on time. This is a much busier job than the old one and there just isn't the time to eat at my desk (which is a really good thing). I am also moving more. At my old job I would sit in my little cave and not move all day. This job has me zipping all over the office. Tomorrow I'm going to wear my pedometer just so I can see just how much walking I'm doing.
Tomorrow is the farmers market so I am going to plan a walk down there at lunch.

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