Monday, June 9, 2008

Play Ball!

As I mentioned earlier I had tickets to a Tiger game on Saturday. Well, actually John (my husband) had tickets to a Tiger game with a couple of our friends and then had the opportunity to work so I was the lucky recipient of the ticket. First off, I adore the two guys I went with, Darren and Paul. Paul, John and I were all groomsmen at Darren’s wedding. I’ve known Darren for more than 15 years and Paul a few years less than that.

The day was perfect for a game. 80 degrees, sunny (I brought lots of sun block) and great seats. I even took off my shoes and socks and tanned my toes while we sat there. Plus, the Tiger’s won! During a slow spot we got up and wandered around the park and Paul and I rode the baseball themed ferris wheel.

I tried to plan my calories for the day I even took healthy snacks (cherries, cheese and was crackers, yogurt, a few fiber one bars and trail mix) to eat on the way down and for a snack on the way back from the game. I still ended up going over board. I had a couple of dogs, we all shared a soft pretzel, then Paul and I shared some sushi (yep, a fresh sushi bar at a ball park!)
So I made mostly good choices, and I tried to make up for my overage by reducing what I ate on Sunday.

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