Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mini Adventure Vacation ----Day 2

We planned another early day for Saturday. We caught the very first ferry to the Island at 7:30am. Most of the passengers on that ferry were people who worked on Island. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the island. I felt sorry for the construction workers that had to put all their supplies in a wheelbarrow and wheel it to their worksite. I never saw a 4 wheeler, or golf cart. People just loaded stuff into the basket of their bike and took off to their jobs.
We rented bikes right away so we could start our bike riding before the throngs of people were out on the roads riding. It was a chilly morning, but so tranquil riding around the island.

We only met a few other people on the road. Surprisingly I actually met someone jogging around the island that I knew from boot camp in May! Three hours away from home and I still see someone I know! I also met the sister of one of my dearest friends working in one of the shops! It was really an easy ride. I don’t even think I broke a sweat. I know that since it was an “adventure vacation” we probably should have pushed ourselves but it was just nice relaxing and I figured that at least we could give ourselves credit for actually moving and not just sitting on a bench eating ice cream (that was later). It took us just an hour to ride the 8 miles around the island and then we turned our bikes in.

By that time people were streaming off the ferries and the main street was beginning to get crowded. After enjoying a Starbucks coffee (yep there is a Starbucks on the island) we took off on foot to see the inner island. I’m not sure how long we walked but according to the garmin, we put in a total of 15 miles. Eight of the miles were riding our bikes so I guess we walked about seven miles the rest of the day. I don’t think we really intended to walk that far, but since I had the map we (really I) got turned around and didn’t know where we were going for a while. At least it was an island so we knew eventually we would reach the water!

When we got back to the main street we did a bit of shopping and eating and then caught the 4 o’clock ferry back to the mainland.

I can’t tell you how much fudge I ate, but I know it was way too much. We ate a bit more of it on our way home Saturday evening and by the time I got home Saturday night, my eyes didn’t want to focus, I had a killer headache and terrible stomach upset. My body was letting me know that it can’t tolerate the sugar that I had eaten for the last couple of days.
I learned a lot about my new habits. I went on this trip knowing that I was not counting points, yet I still found myself trying to make healthy choices. I truly let myself enjoy the fudge and the ice cream without guilt or remorse. I knew that this weekend would not be a spring board back into the pool of bad habits that I used to live by. I allowed myself to enjoy everything knowing that come Sunday I would be back to healthy living. I had no idea how much my body would crave something such as cottage cheese and spinach!
I am so grateful to have spent this time with such a good friend. Our days were filled with lots of stories and laughter. We are already starting to plan our next mini adventure vacation for July.

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