Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Mini Adventure Vacation

Tomorrow I am leaving for my first "active" vacation. One of my very dear friends and I are driving up to Mackinaw and taking a ferry to the Island and riding bikes for the day and then doing some hiking the next day in St Ignace.
There fore I will not have a post until Monday. By then the sugar buzz from the fudge I am going to enjoy will have left my body and I'll have lots of stories and pictures to share.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Mary said...

Adventure/active vacations are the best! You will have soo much fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Great adventures can be right in our own "backyard"! We're lucky to live close to the great MAC for a weekend jaunt. Beware of the tempting fudge - I still remember gaining 10 pounds on that sweet sticky goo. Hiking and biking will give you a great finish to a fun time.

Anonymous said...

I like you, but you need to get off your high horse "holier than thou" attitude when it comes to WW members who like me, need the "preservative" boxed treats that cost so much, but tastes so good. There will come a time in your weight loss history when you will become bored with the foods you eat currently and will crave for the old ways of satisfying those needs. That's when WW steps in by offering you sweets and delights in "pointage" form that will help you stay on "task" without blowing your weight loss. In time to come, you will see the wisdom of this. There are days when I feel the extreme need to eat and I will "maximize" my point system to get the most food possible to eat. Why be so critical of us who need to do that? One day it will be you and you will have to eat your words.

Heather said...

How did your mini vacation go???