Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weigh in Report for Thursday October 30th

I was down 2.8 pounds today! Boy that felt good.

This weekend I am going to Chicago and wanted to make sure that I weighed in and hit a meeting before leaving town so I went to the 5:30 meeting tonight. It is a different leader than my Saturday morning leader but I enjoy this leader as well.
I hated weighing in so late in the day, but it was my only option. I didn't think I would see much of a loss because I just figure that we weigh more at the end of the day than at the beginning so I was pleasantly surprised to see such a big number after being back on track for only 5 days!

I have really been on track too. I am feeling strong and clear headed. I've been getting my lunch time walks in (despite is being a blustery 36 degrees the other day)and have loved kicking my feet through the leaves and enjoying the pretty colors. My eating has been stellar. I am weighing and measuring everything.

I am really glad I weighed in tonight as I think this will give me a nice mental boost to stay on track this weekend. I know I won't be perfect, but it helps that the long time friend I am visiting was my Weight Watchers leader waaaaayyyyy back in 1998/9. She is such a thoughtful friend and has offered to stock anything in the house that will help me stick to my plan.

I am so looking forward to seeing her and seeing a bit of Chicago.

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