Monday, October 27, 2008

Only Eight More Days

Well only 8 more days until the election. I’ve managed my third day totally back on track. I used all of my daily points today and feel very satisfied. I feel clear headed and calm. I did manage a brisk 15 minute walk today at lunch and stayed after work for the yoga class. I’m still lacking on the water drinking, but the fruit and vegetable consumption is WAY up.

I did spend a bit of time reading old blog posts and that is helping as well.

This Friday I am heading to Chicago to see one of my dearest friends. I’ve only been to Chicago once before and that was on a Mary Kay (yes the makeup) bus trip. It will be nice to see Chicago thru the eyes of someone who lives there. I am especially looking forward to visiting the three story Macy’s store.
I am a bit disappointed to miss weigh in on Saturday, but I will try to hit another meeting this week before I leave town.