Monday, October 13, 2008

I have a bell!

The owner of the Club Liberty was selling off some of her non-regulation kettlebells so I bought one. I ordered one online over 5 weeks ago and it is still on back order and I was tired of waiting. I figure if the one I ordered shows up, I'll have a pair.

So tonight I did my first loner kettle bell workout. John was outside playing with the dogs (I didn't want any of the dogs getting a concusion while I was swinging my bell.

I did a 25 minute workout and now I am dripping with sweat and my muscles are twitching. I loved it. Of course its not the same as being with all my kettle bell girls, but I really missed the feeling of sweat rolling down the sides of my face and the endorphins that kick in almost immediately. I think the lack of this hard sweat is what has made me feel so blah. Maybe I really need that post workout high to keep my eating more in line.