Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two Whole Days

I’ve been two days (Sat and Sun) within my points and not binging on anything. I’d say it’s a start. Today I had to make some tough choices to stay on track. I went to visit a friend and his wife and of course that leads to lunch out. Why does everything have to involve food? We went to Red Robin. Their menu looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. I chose the dinner salad with fat free ranch on the side. It was pretty much just lettuce and tomato. I also had the French Onion soup. This can be a dicey choice with all the cheese they load onto it. But I actually had the balls to peel the cheese off and discard it. So essentially, I had beef broth with onions. I counted 4 points for it. I did have about 5 of my friends French fries so I counted 2 points for those.
More important than making good choices at lunch is that after I left their house, I did NOT stop at the Crispy Cream donut shop for a half dozen glazed donuts and a chocolate milk. That would have been a 20 point mistake. I thought about stopping and getting one donut but knew that would just start a cycle once I got home so skipped it altogether. Maybe someday I will be normal and be able to enjoy just one of something.

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