Sunday, November 23, 2008


First I want to say that I am not freaking out about this.
Yesterday I was up FOUR POUNDS at weigh in. I swear I checked behind me to see if the girl behind me had stuck her foot on the scale(no such luck)as a prank.

I have no idea if I am retaining something or what but I know that four pounds doesn't belong to me or is because of anything I have done wrong.
I had a great week. I used about 25 of my flex points but was under my points on other days of the week.

So, this sucks to have such a bounce up, but I don't blame myself.


SeaShore said...

It's probably some flukey retaining water thing and will be gone by next weigh in.

Good for you for not freaking out!

Caroline Kramer said...

You are doing so GREAT !!! Keep it up -- it's so worth it!

caroline kramer said...

are you there still ??? maybe we can start a support group of 2 ~~!