Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Results

Whew! Made it through that one by the skin of our teeth. My boss received 52.83% of the vote and her opponent got 46.91% of the vote. It was a very tight race all night. What an exciting night. The room was filled with local media, journalism students, and the candidates. The polls closed at 7pm and the precincts began bringing in their results about 10. At 1:30 am we were still waiting for 3 of our precincts to report however she had spoken to the clerks and they had told her that she won those precincts. At that point I had been working since 7am that morning and boss sent me home.

At about 11:30 when the news organizations were calling Obama the President Elect, I snuck off into another little room and did a happy dance. I know he isn't perfect, but I think Obama deserves a chance and our help to make the changes he talked about on the campaign trail.