Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tea please

I am a new convert to drinking hot tea. It's been suggested numerous times by friends, but only recently did I buy my first box of Organic pomengrate white tea. I am such a fan. Each time I think of grabbing something to snack on at home or at work, I am making a cup of tea instead. I find it takes that snacky edge off.

I hate the water cooler at work (I just don't like the taste) so I had reverted to drinking way too much diet coke every day. This way I don't have to drink plain water. (Is it weird that it makes me feel grown up drinking it too?)

Eating has been great this week and I've made it to yoga a couple of times after work too. In Michigan after the time change, it is dark here at 5:30 pm so it's difficult to make myself do anything after work except snuggle with a poodle on the couch.

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